About Us


V.S.E.C.T., in its pursuit of a holistic education, envisages inspiring and fostering a community of caring, progressive, lifelong learners to embrace and celebrate all Creation.


V.S.E.C.T. endeavours to prepare each student for academic social and personal success by creating a community of empowered and diverse learners striving to be globally-minded citizens in an atmosphere of mutual respect, understanding and trust.

This Institute aims not merely at preparing it's pupils to qualify for the Secondary School Certificate, Higher Secondary Examinations Or Diploma Sucess but to develop their character and personality through graded responsibility, personal guidance and social awareness. With this vision in view and guided by the principles of the Jesuit Code of Education, the Institute makes a careful selection of the pupils who apply and demands high standards in ideals and attainments.

our aim is for help to different needy people. we would like to help them by giving all the primary necessary things like Food, Cloaths, Water, Medical Care, etc. our mission is all illiterate people to making them literate peopie.