Career Solution

Career Solution Academy

Trust started career solution academy on 9th february 2015 at chhaya choky, ronak complex, 3rd floor. in this academy students get free education about different competitive exams.

trust created committee for csa.there are five members in this committee who manage the group of csa. pattani chirag appointed as a incharge, mahendrshinh jadeja as a president, gauswami mairali as a minister, sadikot sakina as accountant, chauhan chirag as a manager. these five responsible persons took all the responsibility of Career Solution Academy.


in the CSA trust arrenged library also to study for the studens. in this library there are many books are availabie about different compititive exans which help studnts to get more guidence for the competive exams..

Visa Consultency

we helps those students who want to study abroad, we help them to get visa of any Country and also give them imformation about different universeties and job oportunities in foriegn Country.

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